Pantry Challenge Part Deux

So, last month I told you I was giving myself a break from couponing so I could focus on my family and celebrating the season (and to save a little cash). I decide to do this by only buying necessities at the grocery store. I have to tell you it went really well. We a lot of meals that had been hanging around too long and made a dent in our pantry. We are just about through our veggies both canned and frozen and mid month I actually had to go buy flour but other than that we actually still have lots of foods hanging around here. So, I'm going to go at it again and at the end of January I'm donating everything that's still in our pantry that we won't obviously use. I am this month going ahead and buying this I know we need but my hope is to make a meal plan for the whole month and stick to it. Last month I was doing this alone but this month I am following Good, Cheap, Eats blogger, Jessica Fisher as she feeds her family of 8, yes 8 on the pantry challenge.

I can tell you as I spent my day taking inventory I already know I'll be spending more money this month and there will be some food we say goodbye to forever come Feb. 1 but that's ok. I'm ready to get this place tidied up. Our pantry isn't full to the brinks but is so disorganized that food falls on you. At the end of the month I'm going to clean out and organize all of our food supplies and finally put into action our Cansolidators, a gift from my sister in law that I LOVE because I've wanted them for a while but am WAY too cheap to purchase them. Anyways, here is what we are eating...

Monday: Tilapia, balsamic glazed carrots, oven roasted potatoes, bread machine rolls

Kyle Cooks: La Choy teriyaki chicken

Kyle's Lunch: sandwiches

Bridget's Breakfast: slow cooker oatmeal

Friday: Cream cheese kale lasagna with focaccia

Saturday: Falafel, greek chicken, hummus, & tabbouleh

Sunday: Homemade pizza with ceasar salad

Monday: Jambalaya & Cornbread

Crockpot: Chili

Kyle Cooks: Turkey Burgers/ Boca Burgers, sweet potato fries, fruit

Kyle's Lunch: hot dogs

Bridget's Breakfast: pumpkin bread with fruit

Monday: Spaghetti with breadsticks and salad

Crockpot: Sweet potato/chicken Curry

Kyle Cooks: Corn Chowder

Kyle's Lunch: leftovers

Bridget's Breakfast: cheese toast

Monday: Baked Ziti from the freezer

Crockpot: Rice and beans

Kyle Cooks: waffles, scrambled eggs, fruit

Kyle's Lunch: hot dogs

Bridget's Breakfast: Pumpkin Oatmeal from the freezer

Saturday: Fried rice, egg drop soup

Sunday: chicken fingers, french fries, green beans

Monday: shrimp with grits and salad

Crockpot: Crockpot Chicken with black beans and cream cheese

Kyle Cooks: sloppy joes

Kyle's Lunch: leftovers

Bridget's Breakfast

*Just an FYI I work full time Tuesday-Friday so I leave off the days I don't cook or know we already got stuff planned.

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