Meal Plan


Everyone needs to start thier day out with a little Miss. G (the baby).

You know I work with families so I totally knew that kids changed you. But I never knew how much. I'm amazed how I am a normally social, out going person who constantly wants to be doing something and now that she's here all I ever want to do is just hang out with her. But really who wouldn't want to hang out with someone so cute? This picture is from her 4 month photos. We did them on July 3 this year. In it she was actually one very unhappy lady but thanks to our wonderful photographer she just looks like she's playing around.

 Now onto food blogging...

I'm weight watchering it and it's really working. This past week I lost 5 lbs and my boss told me she thought I looked thinner. Things like that really make me push ahead.  Now, I didn't cook much this past week because my great aunt came to visit. While she was here she bought tons of farmers market goodies, cooked for us daily, watched Miss. G (the baby), and did laundry/clean the house. Having family support makes being a working mom so much easier.

So, we are pretty well stocked on food. I won't have to do too much cooking/shopping in the upcoming week. Here is what I do have planned for us. A couple quick, relatively easy and healthy recipes.

Too Easy Peach Cobbler

Roasted Veggies and Polenta

Greek: Barley Tabbouli with falafel/chicken pitas (not 100% on the recipe yet)

Green Pepper Tofu, I've made this before and substitued the chicken for tofu and it worked really well. this is a tasty quick recipe!

Miss G in Action

So, since my blog is about food I thought I'ld show you our newest family member's eating. Here is Miss G eating for the first time, we went with oatmeal instead of rice because her poor tummy has been upset. I wish I could figure out how to put the video in the box but I just don't have that so you'll have to do it like dinosaur times and click on it.

Miss G Eats

Now that was cute but we have couple more that are cute too. Not food related but I just need to share with you.

Miss G Bounces

Miss G Rolls Over

Miss G in Battle (with a plastic bug)

Miss G Flirts

Thanks to Mr. C he figured out all of this stuff last night and loaded these videos on youtube. If it were up to me she would be old enough to teach me how to work all of these before I figured this out!