I found a giveaway I can finally get behind. I have been looking to buy one of these but for free would be better!


6 miles and autumn cooking

Ky and I played poker with his work buddies and stopped by the international market on the way home. Of course we couldn't read much of anything in there but I got bean sprouts and tofu so this week is Asian Week!

We also started our CSA back this week. We got tomatoes, cucumbers, butternut squash, lots of peppers, apples, and onions. Tomatoes and cucumbers are gone in salads. I am using the slow cooker ladies butternut squash soup and jalapeno poppers in the crockpot.

Finally, we got pumpkins at the grocery store to carve. We all had a great time. Ky's is the one with the scary face and I carved out BOO! After carving I toasted the pumpkin seeds. Ky and I went on a walk and the watched the great pumpkin Charlie Brown special while drinking cocoa .

18 Days until the Biltmore!
48 Days until Vegas 1/2 Marathon!

Today 6 miles- Here I come.