my favorite sites

Swagbucks: Do you use these? No joke they are great. Just use the toolbar every time you search for something and you will "win" swagbucks. When you get 450 (not too hard to do. I get there about 1-2 a month) you can redeem them $5 gift certificates or other prizes. Try it through my referral link:

Southern Savers: If you want to coupon but don't want to super obsessed with it start here. Each week you can go to the store you want to shop at, click on that weekly ad and a printable list will come up. Just click on what you want to buy and the list and the coupons available for the list will come up. You can pull up your old inserts and clip the coupons you want to use. Easy peasy.

John Bingham's Blog: John Bingham is a running writer who writes for everyone (i.e. slow runners like me). He's great for some much needed motivation on one of those days it seems hopeless to workout. I have a slight obsession and read just about everything he post.

Hal Higdon: Wanna start training for a distance race but don't know how? Start here. Every race I've ever run I've used Hal's half marathon training program. If a half marathon is daunting there are other races as well. His programs are easy to follow and realistic. How do you think a person likes me becomes a runner? A miracle? No, Hal.

Recipezaar:  This is where I get most of recipes from. Kyle and I like variety and I am somewhat creative but need help most of the time. I usually will search for an ingredient and then click on top rated so you know that others have tried it and its good. Happy hunting.

The Daily Plate: Like the idea of weight watchers but you don't want to pay the money for it? Use the daily plate. It's a super easy calorie counter for you to keep track of the food you eat, your workouts, and weight loss progress. Best of all it's free and has a free iPhone app.

What's a Good Price? @ Passionate Penny Pincher: Passionate Penny Pincher is a local blogger to Huntsville and this is a good list to look at to see if a product is at a good price to stock up. The idea is if you see it at the price on the list (or cheaper) you buy a lot so that you can get enough of them until it goes on sale again. That's what people call "stockpiling."