Pantry Challenge Meal Plan Week 4

It's here. The week of my LCSW exam so this won't be a long blog. I spent $60 at publix on Sunday and $20 at CVS this week. Not a great week for savings but I guess that's about average for us now. At publix there were things that I thought about not getting but if I would have waited for another week well they wouldn't have been on sale so I just decided to go ahead. I am still planning our meals from the pantry but we are really starting to actually run out of things around here. Which honestly is a good thing. So my shopping is really centered around things we need. And I'm proud that while at the store I worked on controlling stocking up on stuff that wasn't a great deal. I got what we needed and left. As far as cooking:

Baked Spasagna with broccoli from the freezer.
Lentil Cassarole from $5 dinners
Mr C is making Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries.
I made pumpkin yeast bread in the bread machine for breakfast. Since it really wasn't very good I'm not going to link it.

That's it. I told you that we are doing simple and quick. And everything here was from the pantry. yay! Wish me luck on my test.

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