Eating from the Pantry- Week #1 Fail

Since this is my second month of eating out of the pantry I knew I was going to have to go to the grocery store and shell out more than I did last month. Honestly we were out of pretty much out of everything at our house that is a staple, you know milk, produce, even our poor dogs were out of dog food. Even my husband, who thinks I have a grocery store addiction said it was time to go.

So, I went I have to tell you it wasn't pretty.

We ended up going to Walmart, Target, Aldi's, and Publix. My grand total was about $130.

Now, I NEVER shop that many places, you can chalk all of that up to poor planning. Yeah, not a great week for eating from our pantry or saving money.

I will tell you that this was the first time I went to Aldi's and was excited about produce and milk prices there. I think I'll be stopping by there more regularly.

I also really didn't follow the meal plan at all.

So, all in all, total failure.

I can say is there is always next week...


Donelle said...

Live and learn! I went to Costco last week to stock up and thought I did well. Later I realized that the large amount of hummus I bought expires in 2 weeks, guess we will be eating lots of it right now!

bridget said...

Yup, i've been there. i by the way think hummus freezes well. so you could always try portioning it out and freezing it.