Menu Plan

So, I had written out a beautiful meal plan that focused on pantry ingredients and only supplemented from the store that was a great idea until Saturday...

Saturday I was jogging with Little J to get ready for the St. Jude's half marathon & I hit a rock and fell face forward on asphalt, thoroughly scraping my knees and hands & twisting my ankle. I'm ok but taking it slow for the next couple of days to recover. 

My meal plan is not impressive for the week with no real cooking but it'll do. AND I went to Kroger and spent $50 that wasn't planned to get easy dinner for our life group but sometimes life just happens that way...

Saturday: Mr. C cooked fish sticks and green beans. Not the best meal for us but not the worst & we ate it just fine.

Sunday lunch: Papa John's Pizza

Sunday Dinner: Sandwiches with chips and chocolate chip cookie bar (we are feeding the life group a DIY sandwich bar. Not even really cooking but I think it was slightly cheaper than pizza.)

Monday: BBQ chicken/tofu, Hush puppies, Brussel Sprouts, oven potatoes (all elements of this dinner are already in the freezer that just need to be microwaved/baked.)

Crockpot: Sweet Potato Curry

Mr C. Cooks: Ravioli with spinach salad

Next week hopefully I'll be back to cooking at full strength & here's what I plan...  

Sunday Lunch: Stouffer's Lasagna (on sale @ Publix this week)

Mr. C Cooks: Turkey/Boca Burger with sweet potato fries.

Crockpot: Rice & beans

Saturday: Cheesy Shrimp & Grits

Monday: Tilapia with homemade dinner rolls and veggie sides (haven't made it to publix yet but I'm hoping to before the ad ends on Tuesday. Right now there is BOGO Ms Paul's Fish & coupons.com has buy one get free birds eye veggies. FYI I just checked and the cpn is still there)