Reading Through the Alphabet

 Part of my reading through the alphabet is follow Booking it over at Life as Mom.

One bite at a time

I really went into this book thinking I wasn't going to like it. I am horribly unorganized at home and work. I wish I was better about it but really came away with a couple of things that I think I'll work on changing. For example, Eat that Frog, week 1 is really great...essentially you do the thing you most dread everyday in the morning and get it over with. I am really working on eating that frog...I'll let you know how it goes. I can tell if you were to follow the book for the whole year you would come out the otherside much more on top of things. I can already tell you I'm probably not disciplined enough to make 52 changes this year. I will try a couple of them like:

*Setting a morning routine

*Being a lifelong learner

*Starting a garden

and (attempting) *to have a daily to do list

And I've been reading on my own...

Southern Plate

Love, love, love her. Christy Jordan is a local food blogger of the same name from here in Huntsville. When I do my grocery shopping I hope to run into her because she seems like the kind of person that would welcome you even though she doesn't know you. Her recipes are not for dieting but every one I've made have been really good. She tells stories of her family before each recipe which are charming. Now, this book is a loan from the library but I would love to have it for real (hint, hint, hint kyle).

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Tracey said...

I haven't read Tsh's book yet, but have heard so many good things about it.

As for Southern Plate, I checked that cookbook out of the library, too, and loved it! It was a cookbook that you actually read, not just cook out of, which I thought was neat.

And, if it's any encouragement, I mentioned on my blog that I'd like to own that cookbook one day - and a dear friend bought it for me for Christmas. Hope it works out for you! :)