I'm a working mom and I now get why we ate hamburger helper so much when I was young. Cooking is a luxury that if you are a working mom you don't have. However, and I mean absolutely no offense to my mom, I am NOT feeding my family hamburger helper. We eat real food here. So, I am continuing to feed my family real food that is quick, healthy, and cheap. I think this is probably what most people in America want and I believe that without trying most of the time you get 2 of the 3. Couponing you can get quick and cheap but not so healthy. Dieting you can usually get healthy and quick but not so cheap. If you have the time it's super easy to get healthy and cheap But not so quick. but I NEED all 3 I guess I'm high maintenance like that. The only solution I have came up with to solve my dilemma is to be Type A about it. Maybe I can manage it all if I just create a plan and stick to it... This blog is a lot about that but also just trying to be a good wife, loving mom, passionate social worker (I'm an LCSW), and still keeping my sanity.