Monthly Eatin'

I've been MIA again I know for a while. Honestly I usually use the site to do my meal plan but don't really post it. Anyway, Starting in December I am attempting to drastically cut my grocery budget. Usually, I pay about $350 a month a the grocery store. That's $50 a week at the grocery store, $10 a week at CVS, and a $100 Costco trip. I know that it's not the cheapest deal ever but I know that we can live comfortably on this. However, We are well stocked right now and with the holidays I am 1. trying to say more money for extra expenses, 2. Just don't want to put all that time/energy in couponing. I'm going to be still getting produce from the grocery store and enough CVS so my bucks don't expire but other than that I'm taking a break from grocery shopping. I think it's a good way to celebrate the holiday. Anyway this is what we are eating this upcoming week:

Saturday dinner: Fajitas
Sunday lunch: Turkey burgers, boca burgers, sweet potato fries
Sunday night: Xmas party, cupcakes with cream cheese icing
Monday: Smashed Potatoes with broccoli
Crockpot: Minstrone Soup

Week 2:
Stuffed shells from the freezer
Fried rice, egg drop soup
rice/bean/chicken enchiladas
Sweet potatoes, barbeque chicken
Crockpot: Hoppin' John

Week 3
chicken fingers, french fries, green beans
Little Ceasars
Quinoa Cassarole
Crockpot: Corn Chowder

Week 4
Cream cheese spinach lasagna
Crockpot: Black Bean Cassarole

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