Goals for 2012

Yes, I know these are a little late to put out there but hey if I'm serious about them, they can be a little late.

So, I had quite a few goals that I wanted to do this year. I just got really inspired by everything I read on every blog and decided that I wanted to do that too...for example: reading, crafting, photography...things that I think are super pleasurable but not for me and this season of my life, i.e. having a toddler and working full time, pretty unrealistic. So, I sat down and though what are some things I actually want to accomplish this year... My overall goal is to get better control of myself. I know there is a learning curve to this working mom thing but man this is hard. It has been much harder to adjust to than I ever could imagine. I think if I set some goals for myself that force me to allow downtime then I think I will be better able to better accomplish my ultimate goal...be a better wife and mom.

This is how I'm going to do this:

1. My LCSW. This is the license for social workers and it's a big deal. I've been working towards it for almost 3 years now and I'm really hoping this resolution will come to fruition in January. When it does it will make a BIG impact on my life.

2. The Country Music Half Marathon. I imagine I will be wogging this one (wogging is a term i stole for Little J. walking+jogging=wogging). I know for myself personally that physically activity controls my stress.

3. Continue to save money (coupon/bargain hunt) BUT here's a new twist...resist those great bargains that I don't need. I LOVE good bargains but spending $2-3 here and there really adds up. I am working on being happy with enough. I know lots of people put dollar amounts in the goals but I think this one will make much better impact on our overall budget. Sticking to what we need will actually give us more wiggle room than any great deal ever will.

4. Start a garden. I have been talking about starting a garden for the longest time. Last year Mr. C actually did one but i can't take any credit. It was his from conception to produce but this year we are starting a modest garden in the back yard. I envision this to be a large project that will help with stress and frugality.

5. Read through the alphabet. Now, I know this sounds strange but I am planning on reading a book for each letter of the alphabet this year. I will tell you that I'm not going to be terribly disappointed if I don't accomplish this one BUT I think that this is a fun one that will keep me motivated to read for pleasure throughout the year. Reading really helps me get out of my own head and definitely assists in stress management.

That's it...Like I said I have so many other hopes that I would like to do but I want to set realistic expectations for myself because my ultimate goal for the year is be a good wife and mom.

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Donelle said...

If I'd though about it I could have brought seeds for you at Christmas. Really, most seed packets have way more seeds than you can use unless you have a farm.