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New year's resolution

I have been talking to the kiddo's at work about new year's resolutions all week. It makes a easy motivational therapy session. From that I am inspired to work on creating resolutions for myself.

1. Pass my LGSW examine. I need to pass this test but am having problems with motivation.

2. Coupon all year long. I imagine this won't be hard for me to stick but it's worth writing down.

3. Menu plan weekly to not let food go to waste around our house.

4. Return all library books on time! I love the library but am forgetful...however it is a huge waste of money. Money is really tight here so I am going to be super vigilant with this.

5. Follow the budget for the whole year. Including: Tithing 10%, Saving for Hawaii, working on 6 month emergency fund.

6. Join and attend a bible study regularly. We are fortunate to have found a church we both like so much since we are from such different background. Now we need to get into a life group.

7. Win prizes so when christmas comes we have so much less stress! (I know this is not necessarily in my control but I can continue to enter and attempt.)

8. Run at least 2, maybe 3 half marathons this year! I've already planned Nashville in April. Disney in March is a maybe. I really want to do a fall half marathon. This will balance my training throughout the year. Maybe Dallas so I can see the family.

9. Get back down around my weight on my wedding day! I am not happy with my current weight and I know I can do much better with maintaining it. I need to lose 30lbs. Realistically I can lose 1-1.5 lbs a week. So, I am going to San Fransico at the end of march. By then I need to lose 15 lbs. and reach my goal by June 30.

Now being a social worker. I believe I have set some attainable, realistic goals for myself and Mr. Husband!