My reason to run

I love running. It keeps me sane and happy but as I was finishing the Country Music Marathon last week I realized that all my efforts have been in vain. Many runners participate in races for causes. What kind of social worker am I if I don't dedicate my running efforts to something for the greater good? To this I realized automatically my cause would be to support Autism research.

I am running the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in behalf of my cousin Danae. Danae is a very special lady to my heart who overcomes the difficulty of living with autism on a daily basis. Danae is such an amazing person that last year she was even named homecoming queen of her high school. She is a joy and a blessing.

Further did you know that autism is currently the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States? And 1% of children from the ages 3-17 years old have an autism spectrum disorder. This is a vastly growing population for a disease so new that we know so little about. Although we have learned about the disease in leaps and bounds in recent years we still have a long way to go. In our current economy research money is sparse at best. But as cliche as it sounds every dollar counts! Please consider donating on behalf of my run. I am asking you to donate just 50 cents a mile. All the proceeds will go directly to the Organization for Autism Research. At 50 cents a mile for 13.1 I am asking $6.55! Your proceeds will go directly to OAR and not my run at all. So, donate $6.50 on behalf of Danae. HERE

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