Kids are funny

I love my job. I don't blog about it because I think it's important for my mental health to be able to separate my time at home from my clients' mental health. Well, I am so blessed to be able to work with kids. Really, and that's totally not my personality if you would have told me last year that I would be a children therapist I would have looked at you just like you just walked up to me and said that the sky just turned magenta. Well, despite what I thought then I love my work and I think I have the funnest job. So, I am going to try to share some of the golden nuggets with you that I hear regularly.

To start:

This week I was discussing with a boy about controlling his anger before it gets out of control. I said you need to go to your happy place when you first start to feel yourself get upset to be able to control yourself. He said "Every time I get angry you want me to go to Taco Bell?"

Ha, ha, kids say the funniest things. I used to think that people were just being corny when they said it but I believe it may be true.

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