CSA and meal plan week #2

Yes, I've become one of those people. I now take pictures of my food but isn't it so pretty this week?

This week we got cabbage, broccoli, turnips, green onions, strawberries, asparagus, and kohlrabi.

I am loving this season.

So far we have eaten the strawberries and broccoli. No exciting recipes. We steamed the broccoli and ate the strawberries with chocolate fondue I made in my little dipper. 

This week my cooking will be cut short because Mr. C and I are going to visit the family down in Dallas. We are psyched. My grandma is giving us a tiller for the garden. My other grandparents are giving us a riding lawn mower. This I am VERY excited about because we have almost an acre and we currently push mowing. Yuck. Anyway, My very short week of meals:

Sunday: I am keeping it simple because I have been gardening all day. Quiche with kohlrabi and turnip greens.

Monday: Egg drop soup and I am going to attempt making egg rolls with 1/2 the cabbage and green onions.

Tuesday: We never ate sloppy joes. I went to the new organic grocery store, Earth Fare, and got excited that burgers were on sale. Affordable organic beef is hard to find. (Even though I don't eat it I worry about what my husband is putting in his body.) We are going to have sloppy joes on turnip hamburger buns (I'll post the recipe if it turns out ok) and asparagus fries.

Wednesday: Baked ziti I have in the freezer. I'm not sure of the recipe. It was really easy.

Thursday- we will head to Nashville to meet up with my parents, who are going with us.

Friday- Monday we will be deep in the heart of Texas.

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