The not so great Vegan adventure

So, My friend Donelle pointed out (hi, Donelle) I never talked about my great vegan adventure. Well, it went, hmm, it wasn’t a great adventure. With Mr. C gone I did better with veganism but really struggled to cut out dairy. I had a couple of days in the spotlight but I can tell you I’m no Vegan. I have started cooking mostly sans dairy. I bought some soy cheese and that’s helped quite a bit but I have also discovered the world of bread making, oooh. One of the blogs I stalk on a regular basis is Good (&Cheap) Eats. Have you read it? You should it’s really good (just please don’t compare mine to hers, she’s amazing.) Well, I have my mom's old bread machine and now I've fallen in love with homemade bread. Well, I have made some vegan bread but really all good bread needs dairy. So, My experiment was a fail but I now have a much greater respect for vegans, wow that's hard, and I've fallen in love with the Vegan Dad blog. His food is great! I will continue to strive towards vegan eating but still be just a cheese eating mortal.

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