What's grillin' this week?

It is SO hot here. I actually have no idea of how hot it is as I never keep up with the weather but it feels like 100 degrees and it doesn't help that all the kids want to go outside to play while I'm bundled up for the artic inside my office. I don't know maybe I getting old because in the past I never really was bothered with the temperature and would cook elaborate meals despite the 100 degree heat but now I cannot stand the thought of cooking and I love cooking but it's just too hot. So, you may notice but this week my theme is "avoid turning the oven on" (except of course Monday which is my cooking extravaganza.) It's my personal mission to use the grill, crock pot, or microwave all week long. And that's just what I'm going to do.

What's in the box this week? Peaches, blueberries, blackberries, October beans, tomatoes, eggplants, squash, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, potatoes

Sunday: Hot dogs with mac 'n cheese and grilled tequila peaches.
Monday: Green tomato pie (I never made it last week) with green beans. This is my one exception to using the oven.
Tuesday- Scrounge. I am going to yoritas (yoga + margaritas) at one of my work friend's house. I'm sure neither of us will starve.
Wednesday: october beans (in the crockpot) and cornbread (in the bread maker)
Thursday: Grown up Grilled Cheese (eggplant and shrimp, feta, spinach, tomatoes, homemade bread, grilled onions) with fruit salad
Friday: squash quesadillas
Saturday- Grilled pizza, maybe. I have put it on the list many times but never made it. Well, since it's grill week I've got to include it. But, Mr. C is going to poker with the men from his work. I might go too depending on my mood. If I don't go I get bored without him here. If I go I get antzy and get to a point where I just give up. There's really no pleasing me.
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