Eating Locally

I have 2 best friends from high school. I love these ladies like they are my sisters. Heck, we've known each other so long I feel like we practically are. Well, one of my BFFs is a blogger too! She's just not a food and running blogger, she's an environmentalist. She's a scientist and likes to really analyze everything out there. Well, recently she wrote a review about local food. Now, I'm not entirely on the same page. I am a big fan of local food but she poses some interesting points. Check it out HERE and let me know what you think!

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Donelle said...

Yay well I am excited that my post made your blog. I did not originally state my own opinion in the blog, but I'm adding it to the blog post now. Which is, I personally like the idea of eating locally but I think just as we consider other things about the products we buy, we need to consider those things when buying local too. And I think it's cool that you belong to a CSA by the way!