Back to School

Don't you just love back to school season? I know I do. All of the kiddos come in and pretend that they are so sad summer's coming to an end but love the idea of new teachers, friends, and even some a new school. Don't you remember the beginning of your Freshman year? Scared and intimidated about "seniors." Good times. You know what one of the things I loved? School supply shopping and new clothes. Wearing a new outfit on the first day of school but also trying to look "cool" by not making it look like a whole new outfit. Or going school supply shopping and begging for Lisa Frank. I remember Little J and I used to fight about Lisa Frank. Man, that stationary was so cool.

You say "Yeah, Bridget, that's fun and all but what's your point to all of this?"

Well, my point is even though I have the great memories of consumerism before the school year many kids do not get that excitement of purchasing new school supplies. With budget cuts we are no longer talking about a new binder and a couple of pencils. Now the list are 50+ items long. The list of required purchasing now is INSANE. That stuff can add up quickly. Lots of families struggle just to make ends meat much less buy $100+ in school supplies. It's totally ridiculous. And these families could use your help. If you look around many stores have amazing deals right now just to get you in the door. If you are smart about it you can easily pick up some stuff right for little to no money. Lots of places have deals so when you are shopping this week pick some up. Here some of the best deals.

Last week Kyle and I did a deal (that is still good) that if we purchased certain items we would get a 100% rebate back from Office Max HERE. So, we were able to get 125 folders and 2 packs of notebook paper to donate for free plus free shipping! (You first have to register for a Max Perks Card and wait about a month to get the rebate. We do this and then buy printer ink since we go through it so quickly.)

Southern Savers has a deal from Office Depot where you make money this week and still donate lots you can check it out here. After coupons and rebates you actually get $6 FREE!

My Kroger ad has Crayola Crayons $.25, Oxford folders $.15, and Papermate pens for 3 for $1

Publix right now has:

Crayola Crayons, 24 ct., 24¢ 
Dixon No. 2 Wood Pencils, 10 ct., 34¢ 
Top Flight Standards Subject Notebook, 1 ct., 34¢ 
Paper Mate Flexgrip Elite Ball Point Pen, 2 ct., 50¢ 
Paper Mate Write Bros. Ball Point Pen, 10 ct., 50¢
Elmer’s Glue Stick, 3 ct., 67¢
Pilot Pens 50% off
-$1 off Pilot Pens printable (makes it FREE)

Also, you may ask "But Bridget what do I now do with my fabulous finds?" Well, I know we are gladly accepting donations to distribute at my work. So, probably also your local mental health center is as well. Additionally, our church is having a drive and I even saw at the Publix I shop at this weekend a donation bin. Really, I'm betting most anyone who works with kids would love to help out.

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