Lotsa Cookin'

I am in the middle of a super long weekend. Because I work 4 days a week I got Friday off to celebrate the 4th of July. I celebrated by cleaning the house, my mom will be proud, I'm not the best cleaner in the world but anyway. As part of my super long week I will be doing a semi big cooking day on Monday. I've blogged before about how I really like to take a day a month and do a LOT of cooking. I do this so that I can have some quick foods here that I can grab at. Normally I cook a whole chicken and shred it up but we still have plenty from 2 weeks ago. Ditto on beans. I normally cook dried beans in the crockpot and freeze them for the month but right now we are a ok. I also normally make breakfast items for the month. I will be doing this. I have some mango and kiwi in the fridge that i'll be flash freezing and making smoothies. We have some fresh blueberries so, I'm thinking of making breakfast cookies. I'll also be making home made pizza sauce. Trying my hand at hamburger and hot dog buns and sandwich bread again. I have really been craving granola bars so I might try some from Heavenly Homemakers that i saw. I'll make ice cream like i do every week. Also, we have a good supply of potatoes. I'll make fries and freeze them for later. I would like to make more spaghetti sauce if i can get a hold of some inexpensive tomatoes. Finally, I'll flash freeze some veggies.

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