Costco vs. Grocery Store

We have a Costco membership that we share with my mom. I recently found this website that. This woman basically looked at everything Costco sells and tells you what price you would need to find at a grocery store to make it cheaper. Love it because some things I know now to always get at Costco and some things just go ahead and stray away. Wanted to share the link with you!

See her lists here!

I am so excited to find Save Money, Live Joyfully!


Donelle said...

It is too bad she didn't calculate it per ounce, since that price varies with size at most grocery stores. Her comparisons aren't always apples to apples, though, for example the parmesan at Costco is more expensive than the cheap stuff, but has been aged 12 months so it's probably still cheaper than well aged parmesan at the local grocer if you cared about that. I end up limiting myself to nonperishables or frozen food since the quantities are so large I'll probably not use it before it goes bad. The organic sugar and flour and the morningstar sausage at Costco are great deals although I haven't calculated it out the savings. Also if you ever want vanilla beans, I just bought 10 for $12 (I've seen vanilla beans sell for $3-5 each at most stores).

The Frugal Momma said...

Hi Bridget! Thanks so much for linking to my site. I'm glad you've been able to get some helpful information. I like your site. I can relate to the Hamburger Helper...bless my mother's heart, she just hated cooking :)

Hi Donelle-If you look at the bottom of each Costco price comparison, I did list the price per ounce for every product I looked at. So, I actually have two separate charts for each comparison. One for grocery store comps, and one with all the unit prices, which is at the bottom. Hope that helps.