What we're eating

I'm trying to be more type A with our food. I thought we did really well but we have been eating out  alot. I'm on weight watchers and have been for a while and seem to do really well with the structured week but terrible @ home. So, I'm trying to do all of our cooking over the weekend so I do better during the week.

Friday: We had homemade pizza with salad. Not the healthiest but it was super tasty. I used whole wheat crust.

Saturday: Sweet potato fries, green beans, and chicken fingers. This is not really all that healthy but was quick

Monday: Ribs, barbeque tofu, corn on the cob, watermelon, whole wheat rolls and salad

Wednesday: Crockpot Indian food. Indian Spinach & Tofu and Tomato Curried Potatoes. The spinach recipe is one of the only crockpot recipes that my husband ever asks for me to make.

Thursday: (i'm crockpotting 2x this week because I don't have any leftovers for lunch!) Salsa Chicken tofu & black bean soup.


Donelle said...

Do you mean blood type diets? I don't think there's scientific evidence supporting it.

bridget said...

haha, no, i just mean personality wise. no, i'm trying to be more organized so i eat less processed food.