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Without giving any details I need to tell you about a session I had that was eye opening. Let me backtrack a bit...

A couple months ago I read on an article about childhood hunger. Well, I assumed that with food stamps that most of the families that I work with are ok. Actually, no. Recently I had a session with a family and my client's mom told me that she is going hungry and only eating 1 time a day because she is barely making ends meet. Not to be too much of a social worker here but it baffles my mind that this can be happening. As president Obama said yesterday "We are Americans." But yes, she has food stamps and goes to food banks but it's still so limited that she only eats once a day.

So, I begin to question more and this is a pretty common story around here. It's a rural community with limited resources and when they're gone, they're gone. On top of that I think I recently read that 20% of food in most american households goes to waste. I think both myself and Mr C have always believed that you just shouldn't throw out food. But yes we are both guilty of it. No more. I can't solve world hunger but I can do my part.

Here is my pledge:
1. I am continuously working on only eating foods we have and buying foods that we will use.
2. I am planning on going through our pantry and if there is anything we will not eat. Lets donate it.
3. This is something I try to do and depending on the week I do better or worse about it. At the grocery store or CVS I spend about $1 extra out of our budget each week on items to donate. I'm sure you're thinking. Just $1. Well, it's what we can afford and after coupons my $1 a lot of times I think really makes a difference. So I am going to consistently spend my $1 on food and see where it gets me.

So, why don't you join me? Get a cardboard box and put it in your pantry. You can fill it each week with your finds. Go through the pantry and throw in there the raspberry chipotle barbeque sauce (guilty as charged). Next time you are at the grocery store pick up $1 worth of nonperishable food items. If you coupon pick up the stuff you don't want but is a great deal. If you don't coupon I'm sure you can find at least 1 item that is $1 or under. I know you are thinking one item isn't going to make a difference but it could if we all do it.

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Donelle said...

Sounds like a great pledge! If everyone gave a dollar more it would add up to a lot! I always end up giving the $1 for homeless pets at petsmart, it gets me every time. I think our grocery store might have slips that can be scanned for donating, I will need to check next time.