An experiment

1. Mr. C is going to Florida for 2 whole weeks! He leaves tomorrow and doesn't come back until April 25th. "Booo" that's me crying while secretly doing a little jig because everyone needs time alone sometimes. It's ok to be slightly happy about my alone time. (Although, I believe that this will not last by Sunday afternoon I'll be bored and sad about his departure.)

 2. I have been running. On April 24 I will do my 3rd country music half marathon. I imagine it will be my greatest challenge yet. I imagine this for a couple of reasons. I have really slacked about my long runs lately because we have been traveling SO much. I love traveling but it's bad when even I don't want to go anywhere for a while. Anyway, I have had slacked on my running and now this week my knees are making weird noises and are beginning to hurt. I am having a minor panic attack due to the fact that my dad has horrible knees and constantly struggles with them. I am very weary about them. I am by far the most overweight I have ever been in my life. I am having a couple of panic attacks about this as well. I think its sort of the weird zen that is just meant to be with my 2 loves in life being arch nemesis. I mean really, being a "foodie" (although I despise the term and feel like it is the definition of uncool) who relishes in trying new things and running do not seem to mold well together. sigh. I will now at this venture have to put my "foodie" self in check, sort of...

3. I am inspired by all of these people making pledges to be more earth friendly due to April having earth day in it but, I am having serious difficulties coming up with what I can do. We can't afford everything organic or eco-concision but what we can we do buy. We already buy energystar appliances, I take bags to the grocery store, we recycle, and we are part of a CSA for our summer produce. I would say we are pretty green people. You know the whole thing about the green movement is it's really just cheap. Which would be a better way to define us. We don't want to waste money so we buy things that are durable that we can reuse and don't need to replace cheap stuff constantly. Really, what would make a huge impact would be to buy new cars that aren't SUVs but I don't see that happening any time soon. So, I know the statistics on dairy and methane. Although I don't eat beef, I can stray away from dairy.

So, I have decided to attempt being a Vegan (I think, maybe, we'll see) while Mr. C is in Florida. This is my pledge to be a better steward of our earth for the next couple of weeks. Now, I have to explain that I LOVE cheese. I think it's my whole a large part of my problem here. If I could keep it in check we would be better, maybe. Also, I am what my friend Kathy calls "a starter." You know a person who can think of new ideas not previously explored but isn't so great with follow through. So, As I make this declaration (to myself since no one else reads this) I am honestly thinking about making ice cream today before Mr. C leaves. Anyway, since I am blogging it I figure it will give me commitment to follow through. So, tomorrow I say "good buy my love" to dairy and Mr. C until he returns.

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