The best gift ever!

Last weekend was Mr. C and I's first anniversary, YAY! He bought me the BEST GIFT EVER! (yes, I know I'm yelling but it was that good.) Now, let me tell you first, I come from a family that definitely shows love through gifts. I wouldn't say they buy people's love but there is a real excitement about giving someone the perfect gift. Mr. C's family thinks gifts are nice but don't nearly put as much weight on them as we do. Also, Mr. C is a male (shocker, I know) but, to me that says his gift giving skills are not quite equal to mine. So, I had used my cognitive behavioral therapy skills and rehearsed in my head that I would be happy with anything he got me. 

We even joked about it being an ugly sweater. We talked about honestly how I would wear an ugly sweater since there is very little that I won't wear and I sometimes like clothes that are off beat so a ugly sweater would be fitting for me.

Sidebar, actually as I write this post I become sentimental about how much I love my husband and think although the gift was quite nice, maybe that he loves me and puts up with my crazy is ACTUALLY the best gift ever. But, I digress. 

Anyway, to my suprise it was no ugly sweater but very thoughtful and loving and I was shocked and amazed about how great it was! He totally outdid me this time. 

Drum roll, please.... He had the doggy DNA test done on my mutt kids! YAY! He said since it was the paper anniversary that he wanted to give me some paper. He even made a homemade card that looked like Lulubelle and Rupert wrote it. I loved it so much I went on and on about it and still do! 

So, Mr. C did the wisdom panel insight. (I have no connection with the company. This is not an ad for them.) And he said it was super easy and got the results back lightning quick. 

So, this is Lulubelle the unknown. This is the new name I've given her. Her results were not fabulous. She is 25% Kuvasc, 12.5% Doberman, and the rest is a mystery. They clearly stated that if a pet is mixed breed 3 generations or back they can't ID it, so if she comes from a long line of mutts. Its ok, I still love her. She is mutt through and through. Actually, I never thought of it but she does look like a small doberman. She's only 30-ish lbs. (I'm sorry Lulu, I had to tell them your weight. Don't be mad.) But her build is a dead on and her ears try to stand up but I looked it up and doberman pinchers actually at birth have their ears molded to stand up like that.

This is Rupert the terrier! (by the way this is from the first day we got him. He doesn't look anything like this now but it is the cutest pic of him of all time! He was about 2 months old here.) Rupert was 50% Jack Russel Terrier, 12.5% Lab, 12.5% Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the rest unknown. This was a hoot! Rupert looks like a mixed breed lab and golden. He acts like one too! Have you seen Up! We call him Doug because that's what he acts like. Further, when we were looking for dogs I found a terrier that I loved named Checkers and Kyle said no terriers. Little J has a terrier and kyle hates him and calls him annoying, it's no secret, even little J knows. I think it's hilarious that his dog is a terrier. Yes, Rupert is his dog and lulu is mine. I'm not sure why but it just ended up that way. Really, day one we went to Fayetteville to look at Lulu because I thought she was SO cute. Kyle thought she was too old. We compromised by settling on two mutts. 

I love our mutts and my husband and my anniversary present. =)

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