Back to reality

Well, I am back from my fabulous month of jet setting...almost. Mr. C and I are off to Hot-lanta tomorrow to celebrate 1 year of bliss. I totally will post pics and fun info on our adventure but Mr. C is doing a major wiring project in the living room and he dared me to asked about my pics. So, that'll have to wait.

So, on to business...

April's meal planning and Freezer Cooking.
Well, in march I really tried not to go to the grocery store but honestly went almost every week (oops). I know I drastically cut back and got mostly fresh produce and dairy but not a huge success with the pantry challenge. We still have A LOT of food. Also, things didn't really turn out as planned so I will just be transferring lots of the meals down to April. I will make some extra freezer meals. We did eat some of them and they were handy when we did eat them. My plan to come.

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