My week

Hello, how was your week? We were very busy around here. I was out of town for part of it and it seemed like lots of other nights we just had stuff to do. Although I would say I've done meh at my goals but Mr. C has been a ROCKSTAR!

Let me show his rockstarness.

This is what the baby's room now looks like now. Last Friday the room was white, full of junk, and that crib and changing table were in large shipping boxes waiting to be assembled. See how the changing table is not only put together but all the diapers are stacked under it. Yup, that was my husband too! He's the greatest.

AND like I said I was out of town on Thursday. Well, Mr. C went to the childbirth class alone even after I said I wouldn't go if I were him many times.

Me on the other hand, I went WAY over the grocery budget. I got stranded at Costco for something like 4 hours on Monday waiting for Mr. C's car and no good came of that. On top of that I didn't stick to my $25 budget at publix. My list was just too long. I think I actually went a whole $100 over budget this month. EEK! So, I normally grocery shop on Sundays. I now have to decide for this week do I wait until Tuesday to do my shopping or do I go ahead and shop on Sunday from my February budget. Neither seem like desirable options, normally I would skip shopping but we're out of fruit and the only fresh veggies with have are carrots and onions. So, We'll see.

Now, I did do well with my returning library books on time. Even though I was crazy tired on Tuesday I went to the library so I wouldn't get any fines.

And the menu I did ok on. I followed it except for Crockpot day. I still didn't make the Jamaican soup. I'm not sure Mr. C will eat it. I did make this recipe instead. I was skeptical of rice in the slow cooker but it turned out great and we both really like it. This was SUPER easy and we had all the ingredients on hand the only thing I would do different is add more spices it was pretty bland.

Our menu for the week:

Saturday: Crockpot chicken and irish potatoes with steamed broccoli and homemade bread. I don't make the crockpot chicken on crockpot day because it dries out really easily and Mr. C doesn't care for it that way. The nice thing about this is he'll eat this today and then we'll clean off the rest of the chicken and freeze it and use it for recipes in the future. Lots of recipes I'll cook vegetarian and throw in chicken on the side. Definitely makes life easier with the meat/no meat compromise.

Sunday: No cooking today for lunch we're having leftovers and for dinner we're going out to eat with our life group.

Monday: Peanut butter noodles with dumplings. I said I was going to make this and never did and now Mr. C keeps asking about it. I think it's one of his favorite foods.

Crockpot day: Indian. I don't know what yet. I'll still have to find a recipe but both Mr. C and I agree that Indian food is just great in the crockpot and I bought a huge bag of Naan at Costco. By the way Naan is really cheap at costco but it's a huge bag. This time I bought it and separated each piece between wax paper and froze it. I'll let you know how it works but I do this a lot with tortillas and it works great with them. We can never use whole packages of tortillas so I separate them out and they don't go to waste.

Actually I am going to make to make here, here, or here

Finally, I've already done my baking for the week. I made pumpkin bread. This was good but I think it needs nuts or raisins or both maybe.

How are your resolutions?

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