http://fortunavirilis.blogspot.com/2010/01/crock-pot-curried-red-lentil-chickpea.htmlI fell off the blogon (blogging wagon) this week. We were very busy including having people over for the Superbowl. Obviously I didn't do well with meal planning since I didn't do it. I overspent at the grocery store. I even forgot to renew my library books and now owe $1.75, boo. It'll go better this week.

No progress was made in baby's room. We did the rest of the house cleaned and presentable. This weekend we are putting up these clouds that I LOVE.

So, I can now see how people fall off the resolution wagon in February. But not us, no this week we are getting back on it.

This week I can only spend $25 at the grocery store so we are mostly eating whatever we have around here.

Saturday: Chicken/tofu baked in the oven, mashed potatoes, salad using our free earthfare coupon!
Sunday: Tostadas
Monday: I have a special dinner planned but I don't want to tell you know because Mr. C reads the blog and I want to surprise him. But don't worry it's delicious and frugal.
Crockpot day: I am making indian. Never got around to it. I am using this recipe here.


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