My efforts to raise money for my run

I've been blogging about my run for autism and my attempts to raise money. Well, let me tell you my personal attempt to raise money for my run. Kyle and I are on a very tight budget but I believe we can find the money to donate to OAR as well. Each month we spend $20 just for fun on each of us. Also, We spend about $120 on groceries. My goal for fundraising is to do somewhat of a pantry challenge. I will limit my spending for June and July to essentials. I will only buy what is necessity and with the money that I manage to save I will donate all proceeds to OAR. So, here's to my pantry challenge and saving money for Danae.


Donelle said...

If you make beans and rice from dried beans it's ridiculously cheap, healthy and makes a complete protein. If you get brown rice it's also whole grain!

bridget said...

Mmmm, Rice and beans sound good. We don't eat much of them together but we do eat lots of rice and lots of beans. Actually, they sound so good maybe i'll sneak them on the menu for the week! thanks for idea.

Donelle said...


Just posted, thought you might be interested. It's some "basic" bean and rice recipes.