csa meals week 5

(First, I don't know what happened but today I'm having problems with picasa. Please excuse my pic and meal plan being in different posts.)

Look at that box! EGGS, yes EGGS that are local and organic. I know I say this every week but we have never got a box this good. I honestly believe this year is way better than last year and last year wasn't bad.

Well, we've already eaten the lettuce, cucumbers, and bell pepper in salad. Squash, zucchini, and green beans I'm going to flash freeze for winter. Last year we ate most everything and winter came we didn't eat too healthy. This year we are being good squirrels and I'm going to put away a good amount of food for later.

Sunday: church picnic. we are bringing some twice baked potatoes I have in the freezer I made a huge batch of and then Mr. C decided he didn't really like them. The fine folks at The Brook will get the pleasure of enjoying them.

Monday: Haluski with oven roasted chicken and beetnik cake. (cabbage and beets)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday cauliflower curry in the crockpot

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Stuffed shells filled with ricotta and beet greens 

Saturday: gone to Nashville to visit our dads


Donelle said...

I will also be in Nashville! Sat-Mon, short visit though.

bridget said...

if we can steal any time we should meet up!