cassarole week

Hello! I'm here, still pregnant just in case you were wondering. I do tell Zeus daily that s/he can come any time now that I'm 38 weeks. Right now it's just a waiting game. I am happy to report we are doing ok on our budgeting and other things getting ready for baby. The nursery is finally finished and I think we have everything ready. I even already packed my hospital bag just in case.

Due to my new diet I didn't do much cooking this past week. I think I actually ate baked potatoes every day with some type of green veggie and boca patty. This is why you didn't hear about much cooking around here. I will tell you I made the baked potatoes in the crockpot and they were really good and really easy. 

I am however back on the blogging saddle again for at least this week.

So, lots of baby sites tell you to make ahead casseroles for at least the first couple of weeks because you will have zero desire to cook. On top of that they need to be low sodium and weight watcher friendly. Now, I've never really dug casseroles. I'll eat them ok but enchiladas are about the only casserole that Mr. C and I eat around here. I would rather eat fresh or crockpot. But never the less I'm going to attempt casseroles this week to prepare us for baby. I do actually see the advantage of pulling foods out of the freezer and cooking without thought during the first two weeks. I'll make two of each dinner, one to eat and one to freeze.

My cooking this week:

Saturday: I made no salt spaghetti sauce in the crockpot. I would post the recipe but it was just ok. Nothing really to write home about. I made enough to eat, use on the shells and still freeze 2 containers for future use.

Sunday: Stuffed shells

Monday: I'm going to try this tortilla bake recipe.

Thursday: Crockpot. Happy St. Patty's day! I have to tell you that although I'm Irish (I think) and enjoy celebrating it this is a mixed feelings day for me for a couple of reasons. 1. Exactly 4 years ago Mr. C and I had our first date. It's crazy (in a good way) to think we have been together this long. I think we've been having so much fun we didn't notice time flying by. If you would have told me 4 years ago I'ld be married and about to pop out a munchkin I don't think I would have believed you but I'm so happy where I landed I don't even know how to express it. 2. It's a little sad for me because last year Mr. C and I spent the day in San Fransisco with a couple of our favorite people in the world. We were actually on vacation with my two best friends in the world and their husbands for the week. It makes me sad because I miss them dearly and it's been a whole year since we spent that time together. Aww, how life changes in a year. Anyway I am crockpotting this cabbage and potato recipe. I've made it before and it was really good (not to mention my grocery store has cabbage $.29 a pound right now.)

So, for next week do you have any great freezer recipes? I'ld love to hear them.


Donelle said...

Miss you too! I'm glad to hear everything is going great! I need to give you a call. I don't know if you saw but I posted links to some recipes http://donellemarie.blogspot.com/2011/02/dinner-recipe-favorites.html . A lot of them freeze very well-the catch is I have always completely cooked them first, then froze them in individual portions for an easy meal (so basically a healthy alternative to the tv dinner). The gumbo, lasagna (any lasagna really), broccoli casserole, and beans and rice I have frozen this way and they've tasted good.

Donelle said...

If you're interested in a few other prep ahead ideas, other things that freeze well are pesto, rice, bread, even the dough, and cookie dough! I prescoop tablespoons onto waxed paper before freezing. Then you can cook a few frozen balls in the toaster oven for 10-12 minutes. The pesto and bread dough have to be thawed with water or in the fridge, microwaving them will melt the cheese/kill the yeast.