This week.

Since the last time I blogged we've had quite a few changes around here. I have had problems with my blood pressure and I am now on a seriously restrictive no sodium diet. You would not believe the amount of sodium that is in food we eat every day. Needless to say this is a new adventure in cooking. On top of that Mr. C is now on weight watchers. We tried to apply for health insurance and if Mr. C can lose 30 lbs we can save $20 a month for the next 30 years. This is a HUGE incentive for weight loss. So, our menus have changed quite a bit. Because of this our grocery budget had a change too. I think this bummed both of us out. I was not too happy about going over for the month but we make sacrifices for our children right?

I'm also slowing down the cooking because i'm getting to that point of utter exhasution. I was going strong until the last week. I even diluted myself into thinking maybe it wasn't going to hit me. But hit me hard it did. I don't think it's as bad as the first trimester but it's close. The great thing is that the end is near. A month from yesterday my friend is supposed to be here. I honestly can't even wrap my mind around that fact. Mr. C and I are both doing what needs to get done to get ready for baby but I'm not sure either of us know what's in store. Needless to say these are not my best culinary efforts but it'll do.

Friday night: Tacos
Saturday breakfast: eggs and potatoes. Little J will be here to help with the nursery. it's almost done and it's super cute.
Saturday dinner: Date night. We have gotten into the pattern of date nights lately and I really look forward to them. I think it's knowing that these are very limited in our future that we both really dig them.
Sunday dinner: Jambalaya, Zataran's has a lower sodium one that i've never tried before but I'm looking forward to it.
Monday dinner: Little J bought me a no salt cookbook and from it I'm going to make a potato frittata
Crockpot day: Year of slow cooking green pepper chicken, although I'm making green pepper tofu. YUM!

what are you making?


Donelle said...

Have you tried the Morton low sodium salt? It's KCl instead of NaCl. Also, sea salt is slightly lower in sodium than regular salt. You can fool yourself into using less salt if you wait to add it until you are eating, if you add it during the cooking process then it becomes evenly distributed in the food so you don't taste the salt as much. And I agree, so much salt in everything! Fake meat products, salsas (not to mention the chips!), dressing and other condiments, boxed mac and cheese, well boxed anything! I do try to buy low sodium, but it only takes a few high sodium things to go over. I've been a little scared to sit down and take a sodium inventory.

Donelle said...

#2 comment, my all time favorites for recipes is Cooking Light. I have this cookbook http://www.amazon.com/All-New-Complete-Cooking-Light-Cookboook/dp/0848730232/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1298936460&sr=1-4, but their website also has an amazing amount of recipes and of course they are rated so you can see what other people think. I think Cooking Light is good for being light without crazy light. The recipes are good enough that I always use them. I never really liked original versions of some recipes, like homemade Mac'N Cheese is so greasy and gross, the Cooking Light versions are just perfect. I also do not find most Weight Watchers recipes to be tasty and their website is really hard to search in my opinion.

Donelle said...

#3 comment. You have inspired me to good my meals for the week on my blog. So officially done commenting!