Menu Plan

Last week I spent $90 between Publix and a fabulous deal I found on real maple syrup on amazon.

I know it's a lot of money BUT

I did save 60% AND.

In my reading the Money Saving Mom's budget one of the ways she says to save money is to shop for 2 weeks. You will do much better with spending in one week and planning ahead. I thought this is something I could implement easily and actually might give me more free time. Also, it breaks down to about $45 a week, which is a savings of $15 a week compared to the $60 I have been averaging.

I was super pumped.

I then saw the BOGOs for this week and now I'm going to the grocery store. Sorry I just can't stay away when there are things I have been holding out on to go on sale, like dog food, diapers, cake mixes, Morningstar Farms. So, I will be running to publix and will be shopping for this and NEXT week. I'll try this again. Anyway here's my menu plan for the week. Everything but the steak I did purchase ahead of time, so I am sort of sticking to my goal of every 2 week shopping...

Saturday: Broccoli Cheese Cassarole & Breaded Chicken or Fish
Sunday Lunch: Papa John's Free Pizza!
Monday: Valentine's Day Meal. Steak. Yup, Mr. C it says STEAK
Crockpot: Potato Soup
Kyle Cooks: La Choy Teriyaki Chicken with asian veggie medley, chick'n
bridget's breakfast: peanut butter baked oatmeal

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