March Meal Plan

Well, I am seriously trying to figure out how to post my google calendar but failing. A couple of things to help using a monthly meal plan. If you do something constantly. Make an event and have it repeat every week. For example, Sundays we eat with our church bible study, Wednesdays we eat leftovers, and Thursdays Mr. C cooks. I don't plan what he cooks so every Thursday it just says Mr. C cooks. After those days are in place then put out any days traveling or have things planned. For example my sister's birthday is on March 12 (Happy Bday Jenni!) and we are out of town alot so I put those in there. From there create your plan. A couple of ideas do easy dinners for weeknights or crockpot. I use Year of Slow Cooking blog just about every Tuesday. I also have a delicious cookbook where I tag recipes I like or want to try. I will look at them at the beginning of the month for help. My general plan is to cook on Mondays and Saturdays since I am home and have time. Crockpot on Tuesdays so dinner will be ready when we get home and do something easy on Fridays. Here is an example of this month for me:

Mon Mar 1 steak/ barbeque tofu, collard greens, cornbread

Tue Mar 2 veggie soup/beef stew

Wed Mar 3 scrounge

Thu Mar 4 kyle cooks= kung pow hot dog

Fri Mar 5- Sunday, March 7 orlando

Mon Mar 8 spinach cream cheese lasagna

Tue Mar 9 slow cooker orange tofu, rice, Asian broccoli sides/ pineapple chicken

Wed Mar 10 scrounge

Thu Mar 11 kyle cooks

Fri Mar 12 mushroom and steak quesadillas, refried beans, guacamole

Sat Mar 13 - Sun, March 14 nashville

Mon Mar 15 Black bean/ polenta bake chicken polenta bake

Tue Mar 16 digornio

Wednesday, March 17-Tue Mar 23 We will be in San Francisco on Vacation!

Wed Mar 24 potato/cauliflower soup

Thu Mar 25 kyle cooks

Fri Mar 26 baked ziti from freezer

Sat Mar 27 patty melts with butternut squash fries

Sun Mar 28 Dinner at Life Group

Mon Mar 29 mung bean dal

Tue Mar 30 Alfredo chicken stew

Wed Mar 31 scrounge

FYI, Mr. C is a carnivore and I am herbivore. This is why you sometimes see more than one meal. If you are both on the same page no need to make 2 meals!

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