Disney DAY!

Today is THE day! Today little J (my sister) and I head to sunny florida for the disney princess half marathon. This will be little J's first half marathon due to her unfortunate incident with mono. Little J was supposed to run Vegas with me but got sick and was stuck on the side line =(. So, We are doing it disney style! Our mom, goof, and my cousin, D will meet us down there to cheer us on and join in the fun. Little J's scared but I know she can do it. We pushed ourselves at the local huntsvegas running trail last week to 10 MILES! That's little J's record up until now but all will change Sunday. This morning I attempted to channel my therapy life and lead her through guided imagery of the race but she just rolled her eyes at me. Power of positive thinking people! When we tell ourselves we can do something and truly believe we will carry ourselves further than we have ever imagined. SO, on Sunday send prays and good thoughts to God. I know he will carry us through.

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