(The rest of) May Meal Plan

May has been just shooting by. I can't believe it's already half gone. We have been very busy in our house. Ms. G went on her first caming trip last weekend and we have an upcoming trip to the beach.

As it happens most every spring I am now transitioning our meals around what's fresh and in season vs. the publix ad. I still use the publix ad but I am relying less heavily on it. I am continuing my goal to feed our family half of everything we eat be produce with whole grains and protein being shortly behind.

I recently read an article (I wish I could find it again) on healthy eating and the author proposed striving to eat gluten free at home since so much of the american diet relies on wheat.

Now, I'm not going gluten free, that would just kill my two folks in the household that pasta is thier favorite food. I'm just trying to move away from it.

Week 1:
Chili dogs with veggies & ranch. Ms. G loves cucumbers and ranch.
Ceasar salad with lettuce from the GARDEN! and grilled chicken
cauliflower, chicken, and oven potatoes
Sushi Night
Family Movie Night: Pizza

Week 2:
shrimp & grits with a side of broccoli
teriyaki asian medly veggies, rice, fish
Pulled Pork sandwiches
Lasagna with french bread and ceasar salad


Donelle said...

For what it's worth, there's little to suggest that going gluten free is of any value if you aren't a celiac. But...too much of anything is a problem and I agree there's way too much wheat, especially highly processed wheat. I've been trying different varieties and grains more. Quinoa and spelt (though spelt is technically still wheat, it's considered an ancient grain).

bridget said...

We use quinoa a lot. I'm not trying to go gluten free. I'm just worried that the american diet, ours included is like you said highly processed wheat. I'm trying to branch out on my norm of relying on pasta/bread in almost every meal.